Navy win Rundle Cup

Published in News on 14 Jul 2017

The Royal Navy beat the Army by just half a goal in in a tense 2017 Rundle Cup.

Hiro Suzuki bagged no fewer than five goals – playing well above his handicap – to secure the honours for the Senior Service.

For the Army Albany Mulholland’s performance stood out to earn him Most Valuable Player while Johnny Sleeman eventually found his range to notch up some goals.

“Thanks to a controversial decision over whether the ball went over the goal posts with Umpires deciding wrongly that it did not the RN won by just half a goal,” said match commentator Lt Col Simon Ledger.

The final score was seven and a half goals to seven giving the Navy their second successive Rundle Cup victory.

Earlier in the day, the crowds at Tidworth Polo Club watched the UKAFPA take on South Africa for the ICOA Trophy – the second match of the three-match Chapple Cup Series.

Having lost the opener at RMA Sandhurst two days earlier UKAFPA beat the tourists by six goals to four and a half. UKAFPA Chairman Piers Hankinson scored two of those goals and Hector Fair scored two more.