Foot Guards Lift Hackett Inter-Regimental Trophy

Published in News on 14 Jul 2017

Foot Guards were victorious in the 2017 Hackett Inter-Regimental Tournament. They faced the Royal Navy at Guards Polo Club who were desperate to defend their grip on the trophy.

The Ft Gds were straight into the attack in the first period with two quick goals by Aprahamian – a plan executed with style with Drummond-Moray putting long passes forward.

The RN though, with Lucas and Suzuki combining well, came back. A fine run by Suzuki saw him score from way out with a 70 yard shot under his pony’s neck, the gap was closed still further when he put away a 60 yard penalty.

By the second chukka it was clear what both team’s strategy was to be; namely for the lower handicap players to mark hard and clear the path to goal for the better players. This worked better for the Ft Gds with Windsor-Clive shadowing and marking hard assisted by Mossy Hamilton allowing for the combination of Aprahamian and Drummond-Moray to break away up the middle.

A fine couple of runs by Drummond-Moray meant the score at half-time was four and a hlaf goals to two in favour of the Ft Gds.

However, the RN were not done and they came out hard in the third, with Bassett and Santrian now returning the compliment to the Ft Gds. By the end of the third, and after some fine runs by Suzuki the RN had cut the deficit to just half a goal.

Now it was down to calm heads and the Ft Gds kept theirs whilst the RN were under pressure. A foul by the RN led to the shot of the day from Drummond-Moray who scored a poised 60 yard penalty that was still climbing as it went over the goal.

A substitution due to injury forced a delay as Harry O’Rourke took over from Bob Santrian and on the restart the Ft Gds found their range and scored to settle the affair. It was a gooid match played with spirit and manners and the Ft Gds won by six and a half goals to five – the first time since 1997.

Jamie Drummond-Moray won the Pringle Trophy for the MVP performance and Mr Jeremy Hackett of Hackett London presented the prizes.

1. Lt Bob Santrian RN -1  (subbed by Surg Cdr Harry O’Rourke -1 due to injury).
2. Capt Dean Bassett RN -1
3. Lt Hiro Suziki RN 2
4. James Lucas 2

Foot Guards
1. Lt Tom Windsor-Clive CG -2
2. Capt Mossy Hamilton IG 0
3. Lt Billy Aprahamian IG 2
4. 2Lt Jamie Drummond-Moray SG 1

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